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OOYC shared boat program

OOYC shared boat program is designed to encourage membership growth through introducing new sailors to the sport, and to OOYC. It is anticipated that shared boat members may eventually purchase their own boat or may keep retiring sailors involved in the club for more years when they choose no longer to own their own boat.

The club will obtain sailboats in the 24’ to 28’ range. Simple sloop rig boat with serviceable sails and minimal electronics. Required safety equipment will be onboard along with an installed VHF radio.

Our first boat will be ready to sail in the spring 2022. It is a 1979 O’Day 28.

The goal will be to provide one boat for up to 5 participating members. If a 6th member subscribes to the program, we will want to consider acquiring an additional boat. If the club owns multiple boats, any member of the program can use any of the boats.

Reservations for the boats can be made on our web site by clicking on the resource scheduler. Each reservation slot is from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m., and another slot from 5 p.m. until dark. Each member can reserve up to 3 weekday spots and 3 weekend spots in advance at any one time. If the boat is not being used in a time slot, any participating member can show up and use it without a reservation.

Use of the boats will require full membership, subscription to the shared boat program and payment of the annual fee. Users will need to have successfully completed the New York State Boating Safety Class and pass a check out sail with a qualified club member. Any member of the Shared boat program will be required to contribute an additional 10 work hours (in addition to the club work hours) to the annual maintenance of the boat. Annual maintenance includes bottom paint, repairs, winterizing, haul out, launch, varnish work, etc.

Regular maintenance such as cleaning will not be counted as annual maintenance. Fuel used will be paid for by the users.

Users will be required to provide their own PFD’s, and any navigation equipment they want to use.

The annual expenses of the boat will be paid for by the club and supported by the participation fees.

Annual subscription fee is $400.00 per year.

Contact Bob Hodgins for more information at